Lobby Self-Serve Coin Machines

Reis 6515 Lobby Coin Unit

Introducing the REIS CRS 6515 Self-Service Coin Deposit System. Simple on the outside, but a world of technology within. Designed for the financial market with a simple one button operation For the operator or teller, a time saving investment, the CRS 6515 counts and sorts coin into bags. INNOVATION, QUALITY, RELIABILITY… • Single Button Operation • Dual Cleaning Devices • Off Sort of Foreign Coin • Coin Recognition • Coin Return • Automatic Voucher Presentation • Logging of All Deposits • Sorting by Denomination Sorts Into Bags (capacity up to full fed bags) Standard Nine Bagging Design (3-penny, 2-quarter, 1-dime, 1-nickel, 1-half dollar, 1- dollar) Benefits of Self Service Coin: • No counting coins! • Saves time and money by not taking up teller time • Generates additional income • Additional store purchases • Ability to re-circulate money in-house