Automated Processing Software

MirrorImage Express

MirrorImage ex·press was designed to address the need for item capture and image POD at the branch level. Utilizing a small check scanner like the Canon CR-180 or Panini MyVisionX the ex·press module transforms your current paper based proof operation to a Check21 ready, image-based proof workflow. The ex·press module enables you to capture, correct and research items where they are deposited - at the branch. Batches are either captured real-time to a central database or batch uploaded at the end of the day.

ex·press gives you the functionality of three modules in one: MI capture, MI repair and MI research.
ex·press takes advantage of cutting-edge technology like CAR/LAR to automate the balancing process and limit the need for manual data entry.

ex·press includes advanced features, such as intelligent balancing and account validation.
ex·press is capable of generating substitute checks (IRD’s) for exchange with non-image institutions.
ex·press creates a posting file for upload to your core accounting system and generates your image cash letter for transmission to the Federal Reserve.