Automated Processing Software

MirrorImage Remote Payments

MirrorImage remote pay·ments capture of customer payment information (coupons & checks) for the purpose of automating the posting of accounts receivable information and enabling electronic transmission of check deposits to a financial institution. Eliminates the need for manually processing paper payment documents and entering data into backend systems.

MirrorImage remote pay·ments was designed to address the need for payment processing and the generation of electronic check deposits from individual remote locations. Utilizing a small check scanner like the Canon CR-180 or Panini MyVisionX the remote pay·ments module transforms your current paper based payment handling process into an image-based proof and presentment workflow.
The remote pay·ments module enables you to process coupons and checks in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward the checks electronically to your financial institution for deposit-without a single paper check ever leaving your office.

Remote pay·ments generates an extract file that can be used to enter payment data into your in-house accounts receivable system.

Remote pay·ments takes advantage of cutting-edge technology like CAR/LAR, OCR, and ICR to automate the capture of data and limit the need for manual data entry.

Remote pay·ments includes advanced features, such as intelligent balancing, image quality assurance (IQA), and digital image archival & research.

Remote pay·ments generates X9.37 image exchange files, the file format certified by the Federal Reserve Bank for electronic check presentment.