Automated Processing Software

MirrorImage BackOffice Conversion

Mirror Image Back Office Conversion (BOC) capture of item images and MICR information at merchant locations for the purpose of electronic transmission to a processing center, financial institution, or secondary institution for clearing. Eliminates the need to make a daily trip to the bank, cuts down on check fraud, and speeds up funds avalability.

MirrorImage BOC was designed to address the need for item capture and deposit transmission at individual merchant locations. Utilizing a small check scanner like the Canon CR-180 or Panini MyVisionX the back office conversion module transforms your current paper based check deposit process into an ACH/Image-based deposit workflow. The back office conversion module enables you to process checks in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward them to your financial institution for deposit in either ACH or Image format (or both)-without a single paper check ever leaving your office.

Back Office Conversion gives you the functionality of fourmodules in one: capture, proof, exchange and research. back office conversion takes advantage of cutting-edge technology like CAR/LAR to automate the balancing process and limit the need for manual data entry.

Back Office Conversion includes advanced features, such as automated deposit balancing, image quality assurance (IQA) and smart deposit decisioning.

MirrorImage BOC can generate both a NACHA formatted ACH file and/or an X 9.37/9.100-180 image exchange file depending on the mix of checks you deposit.